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Assembly 2022

In June of 2021, we presented the Notice of Motions that included the Identity Statement and associated motions. Click here to read those in full.

Additional "Submitted Motions" were sent out in early April. These will be presented for discussion and vote by delegates at Assembly 2022. Click here to read the Submitted Motions.

(Please read both linked documents above in preparation for our Community Conversation on Thursday, April 28th.)



Additional Resources:  

A Pastor's Story

Malcolm McKinlay interviews the Rev. Dr. Cal Malena, a retired CBWC pastor who lives in Prince George, BC. 

Click here for the video recording of A Pastor's Story


Emmanuel Baptist Church 

Emmanuel Baptist is a CBWC congregation in Saskatoon have hosted a number of events that are well worth watching. Cal Malena is also featured here, though much of the content will be repeated. The other three speakers are Gordon T. Smith, Beth Carlson-Malena and Wesley Hill. 

Click here for their Community Conversations page


From the CBWC: 

Preparing for Assembly 2022 (many resources listed) 

Reading List from the the CBWC (human sexuality) 


From our Baptist Union friends in the UK: 

The Courage to be Baptist (helpful context re: Baptist ecclesiology or how Baptists have historically thought about what it means to be the church) 

Listening - Human Sexuality (includes a reading list and many other resources) 

We know going into these conversations that we do not all think about the nature of the church in the same ways, nor do we all read scripture the same way. We seek to be faithful to God's word, humble in our approach, and open-handed in our interpretation. May this foster good, open dialogue and may we listen carefully for the voice of the Spirit. And may we learn how to listen together. 

Here are two additional documents that have come from colleagues and friends within the CBWC in response to the Identity Statement and the notice of motions. 


An Open Letter to the CBWC - May 12, 2021
An Open Letter to the CBWC from a concerned group of CBWC Ministers and Colleagues
Download (2043KB)
Autonomy and Affiliation
A paper written to explore these ideas in response to the notice of motions.
Download (110KB)